The GRI Scholarship Program

NAR studies show that the top performers in most real estate offices are GRIs. Getting a GRI designation means taking your real estate career to the next level with advanced training, advanced information and advanced skills.


Experienced real estate practitioners and instructors provide proven techniques for attracting new listings, generating more sales, working within the law and enhancing your own professional image.


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GRI Scholarship Program


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GRI Scholarship Application

Application is for 2014



Scholarship Details:


  • Scholarship will cover the full EARLY registration fee for any 4th quarter 2014 GRI course* (student is responsible for the remaining balance of any late registration cost).
  • Application must be submitted at least ONE WEEK prior to taking the class.
    NO EXCEPTIONS. AAR will reimburse the Association directly.
  • Applicant may be a sales agent, broker or manager
  • Scholarships shall be awarded on a quarterly basis until scholarship fund is depleted
  • Recipient is eligible for TWO scholarships in 2014
    (Must fill out TWO separate request forms)
  • The scholarship will be forfeited if the recipient does not attend the class, fails the exam or does not take the exam in the 48 hour exam period.
  • Applicant must be a current member of AAR and a member in good standing
    (GRI designees not eligible)


* GRI courses include “GRI” in the title — refer to the At A Glance Calendar



Scholarships are closed for now. The next Scholarship Application will be available soon.